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Song of the Say-Sayer

Song of the Say-Sayer

de Daniel Danis

Texte original : Le Chant du Dire-Dire traduit par Linda Gaboriau

Écrit en 1998 - anglais


During a thunderstorm, lightning strikes the home of the Lastings, killing the parents and forever bonding the children, even though Rock, William, Fred-James and Naomi are not blood-related. Years later, still haunted by their terrible childhood memory, the three older brothers await the return of their beloved sister who has been singing in faraway places. But the redhead who returns is horribly sick. Now the Lasting clan must join forces again, because the 'municipals' are threatening to turn away their sister.

Nombre de personnages

  • 3 homme(s)
  • 1 femme(s)