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Only the end of the world

de Jean-Luc Lagarce

Texte original : Juste la fin du monde traduit par Lucie Tiberghien

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Only the end of the world :Extract 1 : Prologue

LOUIS. – Later, the following year
- It would be my turn to die -
I am almost thirty four now and it is a that age that I will die,
the following year,
for many months already, I’d been waiting without doing anything, cheating, knowing nothing anymore,
for many months I’d been waiting to be done
the following year,
like one sometimes moves,
when faced with an extreme danger, imperceptibly, trying not to make noise, or a too violent movement which would wake the enemy and immediately destroy me,
the following year,
yet despite everything,
the fear,
taking that risk and with no hope of survival,
despite everything,
the following year,
I decided to visit them, to return, to revisit my roots and to take the journey,
in order to announce, slowly, carefully, carefully and precisely
- I thought -
slowly, calmly, with poise
- have I not always been, for others, and for them to be exact, have I not always been a poised man? -
to announce,
just tell,
my upcoming and irremediable death,
to announce it myself, to be its only messenger,
and to seem
- maybe what I’ve always wanted, wanted and decided, in all circumstances and for as long as I dare to remember -
to seem able, there again, to decide.
To give myself and others, them to be exact, you, all of you, her, those that I don’t yet know (too late, oh well),
to give myself and to give others, one last time, the illusion of being a responsible person
and of being, until the very end, my own master.

Translation : Lucie Tiberghien

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