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"The Other voice", Ivo van Hove, teaser, subtitled

Since 2009, TA performs The human voice (La voix humaine), a monologue by Jean Cocteau from 1928. Ramsey Nasr knew the text, he saw the performance and wondered: but what is the man saying? Who is it on the other side of the line? He writes the answer and performs it, directed by Ivo van Hove.

While Cocteau’s theatre monologue tells the tragic story of one woman, this new text The other voice (De andere stem) emphasizes the inextricable union of a two people who desperately try to detach themselves from each other and do not succeed.

Détail de la vidéo

  • Langue : néerlandais
  • Durée : 1 minute 12 secondes
  • Lieu : Toneelgroep Amsterdam
  • Copyright : © ITA Ensemble
  • Ajoutée le 23/08/2016
  • Type : Extrait (document vidéo)

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