Extract 2 : The Wedding : Presents

Rules of Good Manners in the Modern World is a satire of middle class niceties with no story, no characters and no dramatic conflict. It's a modernist monologue transformed into a postmodernist performance piece. In this T.U.T.A. production, director Zeljko Djukic works with three women, not one, each of the three costumed like something out of Colette, in all the right layers of constricting garments (plus some gorgeous Art Nouveau stockings).

Détail de la vidéo

  • Langue : anglais
  • Durée : 2 minutes 51 secondes
  • Lieu : Cie The Utopian Theatre Asylum (TUTA)
  • Copyright : Cie The Utopian Theatre Asylum (TUTA)
  • Ajoutée le 26/11/2004
  • Type : Extrait (document vidéo)

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