Strangers, babies

Strangers, babies

de Linda McLean

Écrit en 2006 - anglais


In five scenes, we see the how one woman can be a totally different being - with five different men. One by one, we see into each of her relationships, apparently existing in separate worlds. There's Dan, her ever-patient husband; Duncan, her dying and irascible father; Roy, her internet date; Denis, her estranged brother; and Abel, her Child Protection Officer son. May is the link that ties these lives together. But she's coming undone as a moment in her life is haunting them all. "Strangers, Babies" is very funny on the surface but chilling at its heart - as we watch one woman's desperate attempts to believe in a future that's worth living.

Nombre de personnages

  • 5 homme(s)
  • 1 femme(s)
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