Ne plus afficher cette publicité - Je m'abonne - Je suis abonné(e)

Écrit en 1992 - anglais


Though this work is based in a true story, the subject matter here is not far afield from Cooper's past fiction. An accomplice to early-Seventies serial killer Dean Corll, David Brooks alternates his catharsis-on-tour puppet show with confessional essays. Both are deadpan descriptions of his last days with Corll and fellow accomplice Wayne Henley. The book closes with a term paper written by a student analyzing this play/reading, seen with his psychology class earlier in the term. The various narators' voices are finely tuned, and the contrast of overwrought prose with banal observation in the closing essay is perfectly executed. Jerk adroitly raises anew questions about the boundaries of fiction, nonfiction, and criticism while remaining an engrossing story. Included are ten photos of conceptual artist Nayland Blake's puppets, which inspired this novella. Cooper's most complex and complete work yet belongs in all literary fiction collections; while large contemporary art collections should consider for Blake's work.

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