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Below the Belt

Below the Belt

de Richard Dresser

Écrit en 1996 - anglais


Judd Hirsch starred in this hilarious Off Broadway comedy set in a soulless corporate world. Dobbitt has been posted to a dismal distant place, a grim industrial compound that uncomfortably resembles a prison where his quarters have bunks (one freezing cold and the other boiling hot), a table, and an ancient typewriter. He is a checker; he checks though he has no idea what is being made with an irascible coworker who has been in this place for years. Their inept boss possesses a singular talent for fomenting dissent. The comic interplay among these men, one bullying and truculent, one ambitious and evasive, and the third a trembling mass of insecurity and arrogance is irresistibly funny. As they comically maneuver in their pointless quest for status, sinister little animals encroach on the compound.

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  • 3 homme(s)
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