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A low life in high heels

A low life in high heels

de Holly Woodlawn, Jeffrey Copeland

Écrit en 1990 - anglais


Birth Name Haraldo Santiago Franceschi Rodriguez Danhakl Trivia The legendary Lou Reed song "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" refers to Holly, indelibly imprinting her story in American pop culture. "Holly Came From Miami, F-L-A..." are the beginning lyrics forever describing Holly's arrival in New York City and ultimate imprint on the landscape of 1970s chique. Made his/her nightclub debut in 1973 at New York's Reno Sweeney's on a double bill with Betty Jane Rhodes. He was born Harold Danhakl in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. The product of a short-lived marriage between his mother, Aminta, and an American soldier of German descent stationed in Puerto Rico. Although his mother Aminta married Joseph Ajzenberg when Harold was only five years of age, he wasn't legally adopted as by his step-father until the age of fifteen, changing his last name to Ajzenberg. She was hired by the producers of Tootsie (1982) to coach actor Dustin Hoffman in his role as 'Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels' in the art of being a man acting as a woman in films. Is the last surviving queen of Andy Warhol's famous drag queen sidekicks that included Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis. Personal Quotes If I'm wearing pants, call me a man. If I'm wearing a dress, call me a cab!

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