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Roméo Castellucci (Mise en scène), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Musique), Raphaël Pichon (Direction musicale)

"Requiem", Moart, Pichon, Castellucci, teaser

The world’s greatest directors can make classical texts shine like they were new. One goes further. Romeo Castellucci effectively gives birth to them again as contemporary masterworks.

The colossal imagination of this pioneering writer/director/designer has astonished audiences the world over. His hallucinatory imagery provokes almost visceral responses, and, like music itself, manages to be revelatory and ineffable. When the house lights return it’s like waking from a powerful dream.

This production features the original Aix-en-Provence cast of internationally acclaimed soloists - Sara Mingardo (alto), Martin Mitterrutzner (tenor), Luca Tittoto (bass), alongside Australia’s rising global star Siobhan Stagg (soprano). Together with a chorus of 36 and a cast of extraordinary performers, they create a deeply moving ritual of life and death, extinction and the possibility of rebirth.

Mozart raced the grim reaper to complete the incomparable Requiem that he knew was to be his own. The music will take your breath away. The searing images you will encounter, some universally recognisable, some utterly unearthly, will reach deep into your unconscious. Profound, primal and never to be forgotten.

Détail de la vidéo

  • Durée : 1 minute 3 secondes
  • Lieu : Aix en provence
  • Copyright : © Adelaide Theatre Festival
  • Ajoutée le 28/10/2019

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